This summer has been a busy one!  We’ve moved in two new families and are making arrangements to move in two more! We are now serving 24 families made up of # individuals.  With all these new clients we have had a growing need for STUFF! Furniture, school supplies, clothing, food. The amazing part is we have had a handful of volunteers working on filling those needs.  We have had several individuals donate furniture this summer, but one has gone above and beyond.  Kim Woods has not only donated some of her furniture, but has sourced other furniture donations to fill our needs.  She has done individual outreach to people on Facebook, her neighbors, her friends and has really spread the word about the work that we do!

With most furniture ready to go to their new families, we are now focusing on back to school (I know, I know summer just started!).  With over 50 school aged children in our program, we have volunteers working overtime engaging their networks in school supply drives. We’re up against the clock and hoping to collect enough supplies so that all of the children we work with feel confident and ready to learn on the first day of school.  Want to be involved?  Sponsor a backpack by donating $50 to Safe Places or order off of our wish list and have requested supplies delivered right to our door!

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