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At Safe Places, we work to match you with the best way to contribute for your schedule and your interests. If you are interested in donating your time, gently used items, or money to benefit Safe Places, contact Lorena at 

Frequently Asked Questions
I found your website, but how do I get into a shelter?

The first thing that you should do is call Coordinated Services Planning (703-222-0880), which acts as the “resource hub” for Fairfax County in order to obtain information about local emergency shelters.

Once I’m in a shelter, how would I get referred to Safe Places?

Speak to your shelter case manager regarding program vacancies. If they are unfamiliar with our referral process, they may email for questions about the referral process.

What are the program requirements?

You must be homeless as a result of domestic violence; work at least 30 hours per week; have custody of at least one minor child; be open to weekly case management sessions and willing to attend individual and/or group therapy sessions.


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