Caroline first heard of Christian Relief Services’ Safe Places from her neighbor and friend Kathy who was a client in the program.

Little did she know at that time that she would ultimately end up as a Safe Places client herself.

It wasn’t until one day when she was seven months pregnant with their second child and

he struck her, requiring her to get stitches, and she knew it was time to get out of the relationship.

With her 5-year-old daughter in tow, Caroline fled to a domestic violence shelter not knowing how long she would be staying there, hoping and praying that she would not have a child while living in a shelter.

Caroline reached out to Safe Place, contacting Safe Places Project Director Amanda Moyer, MSW, herself.

“Amanda responded immediately,” said Caroline. “That was like the best thing ever.”

Amanda understood that time was of the essence and she was going to do everything in her power to prevent Caroline from giving birth while living at a shelter.

“Bringing a newborn back to the shelter – that would be the worst,” said Caroline.

Amanda was aware of a Safe Places property – a three-bedroom townhouse – that was being vacated that would be perfect for Caroline and her two children.

The problem was usually there is a period of at least a couple of weeks to prepare a residence for the new resident.

“We were rushing to turn this one around,” says Amanda.

Without Safe Places Caroline doesn’t know where she would be today.

“I have absolutely no idea,” she says.

What she does know is that because of the Safe Places program, and the encouragement she received from Amanda following that first phone call, she never felt that she might have no choice but to ultimately return back to her abuser.

She is also especially grateful to Amanda for everything she’s done, stepping up way beyond the call of duty, from day one.

“Amanda is my guardian angel,” says Caroline today. “That’s because of Safe Places.”