One client asked for diapers. That is how it started: one request to one case manager and suddenly we are surrounded with cases of diapers! Our families have a lot of needs so sometimes we forget to ask about the simple things, do you have enough diapers?

About 25% of our families have at least one child wearing diapers in their home.

So although only one family outright asked, we knew the need was greater. We were right about the need, but what we did not expect was the response of our supporters.

We posted on social media and reached out to a handful of supporters hoping we would get a few packages to have on hand in emergencies. Suddenly we were hearing from neighbors and friends we had never met. A supporter had forwarded our request to a list serve, a follower shared it with friends and family, people were picking up the torch and passing the bucket. The generosity has been incredible.

The best part have been the notes. When people reached out we learned things about their families, about why they had extra diapers. Several held onto diapers even though their child is potty trained because they did not want to throw them away. Others told us that they did not expect how quickly their child would grow and ended up with a lot of left overs that they were ready to get out of the house! It was amazing how quickly word spread, how eager people were to give. We are so grateful to our community.

And yes, to answer your question, we are still accepting diapers, wipes, formula and baby food.

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