Stacy entered Christian Relief Services’ Safe Places program after fleeing her abusive husband of more than eight years.

It had been a major struggle for Stacy who lived with her husband and his parents, who of course, always took his side in their marital disputes.

After all those years, the decision to leave her husband wasn’t easy, but she knew she had no choice.

Thankfully, Stacy was able to enter the Safe Places program, which provided her with up to two years of affordable transitional housing and counseling and support services, where she and her two young children found a new life without fear.

Today everything is going her way as she has been promoted to a higher paying job within the government agency she works for. Her family members, who live abroad, were supportive of her through that traumatic transition in her life and after learning the life skills to be a successful single mom and handle the family’s finances, she graduated from the Safe Places program and moved into a townhouse.

Since being out on her own, she has secured full custody of her children, found the love of her life whom she married and they enjoy a healthy family relationship and now are renting a home together.

If all that good news was not enough, she and her husband are expecting a baby girl this summer and she just earned her MBA which will enable her to continue to grow in her career.

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